My Favorite Song today. 'Judas'

Some asshole almost ran me off the road this morning.  I hate rush hour, morning and evening, loath it.  Driving clears my head, but only the highway long-stretch-of-road kind.  I only have to do rush-hour traffic a few times a week, thank sweet baby Jesus.  Most days go uneventfully.  But today...Ugh.  Fuckers out in full force.  Turned up my radio to listen to some metal after my near-death experience, and Fozzy is on XM/Sirius Liquid Metal.  Cathartic, awesome, got to stretch out those vocal cords and hate sing my aggravation away.

Failing Happily - Nah.

Only if it's privately.  Problem is, to get the mass feedback that allows a writer to receive a good idea of what is working and what isn't means you have to put your work out there.  I suppose you could spend your time finding 150 beta readers, but that is time better spent writing more, which ultimately improve your craft as effectively as reader feedback.

Masculinity Essay - Nate Martins - NYT

On the count of three, list three words that define masculinity.   Mine Today:  Hard-working.  Sexy.  Fixer and Repairer of All Things.

I've Done It - There is a Limit to Sharing the Happiness of Others

I won't say much, as I wish to keep my private life private, but this piece resonated with me.  I have backed away from some friendships, as the required perfection of life's social media updates can be overwhelming when your daily life is punctuated with worry.  The kind of worry to keeps you up at night, fruitless as the worrying is, knowing it's a worry that you will carry as one would carry a body part, the weight of it with you until you die.  Who will take care of them once we die?  Not everyone gets to be ok after their caregivers are gone.


Making the Cut for 2018

Taste Testing is one of my *favorite* garden chores.  Right up there with picking seeds for the new season.  See what made the cut!

Tomato:  Hillbilly, Carbon, Yellow Pear and Dr. Wyches.

Pepper:  Melrose, Figitelli, Padron.

Beans:  Calima

Potatoes:  Pinto Gold

Carrots:  None.  

Winter Squash:  Delicata

Summer Squash:  Gold bar zucchini

In progress.


Lessons Learned Garden 2017

Man, I love watching the Kardashians.  Is it possible to be an aficionado of crap reality TV?  Because I am.  I wish I had been born into a wealthy family.  Kourtney's house...*to die* for.  I don't want their life though.  Those bitches hustle.  Flying to Australia for three days of press for a clothing line, three days in New York for book signings and interviews, a fashion show at Madison Square Garden.  Flying to Vegas and being contractually obligated to kiss wannabe ass for three hours. Make-up lines, being a professional partier, shooting commercials.

Backyard Wedding - Found a Photographer Under Budget - Guilt Free

My wedding planning thus far has been ridiculously stress-free.  To the point I wonder if something extraordinarily bad is going to happen, because wedding planning isn't supposed to be this easy, this fun and this far under budget.  One tip I extend to other future brides is the value of reading about the trials and troubles encountered by other brides who have weddings of a similar type to yours.  The Reddit Wedding Planning sub has been a fantastic resource to discover what works and what doesn't. Today we are talking photography.

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