I've Done It - There is a Limit to Sharing the Happiness of Others

I won't say much, as I wish to keep my private life private, but this piece resonated with me.  I have backed away from some friendships, as the required perfection of life's social media updates can be overwhelming when your daily life is punctuated with worry.  The kind of worry to keeps you up at night, fruitless as the worrying is, knowing it's a worry that you will carry as one would carry a body part, the weight of it with you until you die.  Who will take care of them once we die?  Not everyone gets to be ok after their caregivers are gone.


Making the Cut for 2018

Taste Testing is one of my *favorite* garden chores.  Right up there with picking seeds for the new season.  See what made the cut!

Tomato:  Hillbilly, Carbon, Yellow Pear and Dr. Wyches.

Pepper:  Melrose, Figitelli, Padron.

Beans:  Calima

Potatoes:  Pinto Gold

Carrots:  None.  

Winter Squash:  Delicata

Summer Squash:  Gold bar zucchini

In progress.


Lessons Learned Garden 2017

Man, I love watching the Kardashians.  Is it possible to be an aficionado of crap reality TV?  Because I am.  I wish I had been born into a wealthy family.  Kourtney's house...*to die* for.  I don't want their life though.  Those bitches hustle.  Flying to Australia for three days of press for a clothing line, three days in New York for book signings and interviews, a fashion show at Madison Square Garden.  Flying to Vegas and being contractually obligated to kiss wannabe ass for three hours. Make-up lines, being a professional partier, shooting commercials.

Backyard Wedding - Found a Photographer Under Budget - Guilt Free

My wedding planning thus far has been ridiculously stress-free.  To the point I wonder if something extraordinarily bad is going to happen, because wedding planning isn't supposed to be this easy, this fun and this far under budget.  One tip I extend to other future brides is the value of reading about the trials and troubles encountered by other brides who have weddings of a similar type to yours.  The Reddit Wedding Planning sub has been a fantastic resource to discover what works and what doesn't. Today we are talking photography.

MidSeason Update - Aug 20

Zone 4b/5a.  Weather past week rainy and cooler than average.  Season overall, volatile swings in temperature and dry. Commence Lessons Learned.

Personal Data Porn - Weight Loss

I have, at different intervals in my lifetime so far, attempted and succeeded to lose weight.  My weakness and where I research for help is keeping weight off and breaking the one plateau I've had, not losing weight.  I love data, lists and tracking.  My most successful diets were also the diets where I meticulously and obsessively tracked multiple variables.  Tracking keeps my head in the game and just as importantly, gives me data to help my attempts to lose weight be more successful.  Some people loath the busy-work of tracking and won't ever crack open a notebook or a weight loss app.

Game of Thrones Reddit subreddit hits one million subscribers.

One of my favorite reddit boards.  When you put the minds of thousands of GoT viewers in one place, each trying to out easter egg hunt the other, the result is a giftbag of forgotten details I could hunt through for days. Literally, take a look at the comment numbers for the episode, after episode and day after episode discussion threads.  It's a GoT safespace, where nobody is going to whine about sharing a scene from the episode, spoiling it for them.  Spoiler threads are clearly marked and episode discussion is exactly what it should be, damn episode discussion.  Join in, for sure!

Garden Drudgery - CHORES

You couldn't drag me out of the yard in the spring.  That's the way of things when you suffer through months-long winters.  Every little excuse to be outside is a good one, in the springtime.  Take a picture of the first crocus?  Of course, and twenty of them, for good measure.  Digging up 60 feet of yard for new garden?  Where do I sign up?

Garden Update August 1 - Melrose Pepper Harvest!

Will alternate text type for each update so no need to reference prior post for growth history. Reducing clicks on a website, yeah, it's crazy!  Order of plants by harvest, first first, once harvest is done for over a week, will place at bottom of the list. 

Zone 4/5  Recent Weather, past week - Very little rainfall and slightly higher than average temperatures this past week. Growing season overall dry.

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