Girl in Alaska Stories - Part One

The Girl in Alaska Stories - Part One is now available at many ebook retailers, including Smashwords.  Part One, Two and Three will be released separately, but within a short period of time.  It seems mean to make you wait longer than that!  Check back here soon, I will announce the release of each book.

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Author C.Elisabeth

Midwestern mama, loves Other People's drama.  

Happiness Is:  Being domesticated aka spoiling my loved ones, creating new recipes, satisfying my unrelenting curiosity, beautiful pumps, laughing to tears and writing short stories from an off-kilter perspective.  

Blessed Because: My partner is creative, interesting and devoted. The frequent forgiveness given to me even when I am clearly undeserving.  I, and those I love, have more health and security than most people on this earth.  Even when it feels like I have nothing, I actually have more.

Salmon Sunset - Newbie Tolerant

Flipping excitedly through the Spring 2016 Baker Creek garden catalog was my first time seeing a Salmon Sunset flower.  I adored the dual colors of orange and bright pink creating the pretty peachy landscape.  Of all the flowers I started from seed, the Salmon Sunset was the heartiest.  All the seeds germinated, as well survived transplant.  As a garden novice knows, a plant with a Tolerance for Newbie Gardeners is a plant you reseed for life.   I transplanted the 2-3" seedlings outdoors around the time of the last frost.  


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