Well, THAT happened. Dead bunny.

A couple of days ago, I meander around to the south side of the house, towards the hose to start my morning watering and come upon a very flat bunny and its organs splayed in the yard.  Shrieked, yes I did, and walked away from that mess with a quickness.  Off to call the man of the house to take care of it.  

Garden Diary - Last Week of June 2017

Updates Italicized, noted in front.  Will alternate text type for each update so no need to reference prior post for growth history. Reducing clicks on a website, yeah, it's crazy! Order of plants by harvest, first first. Don't forget to take advantage of the end-of-transplanting sales in your area.  A ton of Buy One Get One Free sales around here now.

SO HAPPY RHOD is Coming Back! - Sneak Peak at S2

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I've been watching reality TV since MTV's Real World, catching most of the first few seasons.  Project Runway was the first reality TV series that became must watch reality TV, clearing my calendar to settle in for each episode.  I still have a seething hatred for Gretchen and you can't tell me that N. Garcia and M. Kors names haven't been tarnished by that choice to fight for her win on her season.  Puck and The Peanut Butter (barf).  Santino the dickhead.   Tammy "it wasn't not funny".  I can't wait for the next season of Top Chef either.

Dear Garden Diary June 20, 2017

Zone 4/5  Recent Weather - Average rainfall and temperatures. Just sprinkled 1/3 recommended amount of all-purpose Osmocote granules second week in June everywhere with exception of vertical garden and deck plants which were planted in a 1/3 fertilized soil mix, as well tomato and pepper which were planted with their own eggshell/potash/phosphate/all purpose/epsom salt mix (5 Part Mix).  Additional fertilizer applications noted. Not seeing any bees,been a month, borage just now beginning to bloom.

Hand Pollination of Squash - Uncomfortably

This video tutorial from Growing Your Greens demonstrating how to hand pollinate squash makes me feel weird, as though I am watching something private that I am not supposed to see.  Although apparently 100k of us have watched this video.  I am always on the lookout for something done a bit more interestingly than expected.  This tutorial qualifies.  

Concisely:  Man uses human anatomy to show us how to hand pollinate squash.  

He seems cool.  Hope he finds his lady blossom soon.


Baby Begonia from Bulb.

Sometimes hard to find images of just emerged seedlings/plants.  Here is my contribution, begonia from bulb.  That is all.

Science - Fight Bad Crawly Bastards

As you are probably aware, I am fighting a war with squash vine borers.  After the bastards killed my winter squash last year, it was on.  For the record, they fired the first shot. This linked article from the Entomology Dept of the University of Kentucky explains how one can use daily temperature to calculate when particular little bastards arrive.  I've got my yellow pail among my most vulnerable plants.  I check the undersides of the leaves every couple of days for eggs.  I sprinkle DE powder and spray neem oil on the plants, approximately weekly.

State Park Visit

I hope you took my advice and are taking advantage of this nice weather.  Heading out to a local state park is one of the less expensive options for a day of fun.  On this day, I was trying to find the spot where I had taken a similar photo previously.  I'm not sure I did, but still took some fantastic pictures.  Another picture I wanted to take was to replicate one of my favorite photos, a mirror image of some granite bluffs alongside a local river.  I was too early, I think, to get the perfect mirror image, but I will absolutely try again.

Garden Observations and Notes - First Week of June

Prepare to be bored.  I always wonder how the garden compares to previous years.  So this is for next year.  I've taken a ton of notes and putting to permanence here.  Good list if you are curious about the drudgery and numbers of gardening.

April:  Temps above average, below average rain.

May: First half, above average temps and normal rain.  last half, below normal temps, above normal rain.

Current: Temps above normal, no rain yet this month.

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