Garden Observations and Notes - First Week of June

Prepare to be bored.  I always wonder how the garden compares to previous years.  So this is for next year.  I've taken a ton of notes and putting to permanence here.  Good list if you are curious about the drudgery and numbers of gardening.

April:  Temps above average, below average rain.

May: First half, above average temps and normal rain.  last half, below normal temps, above normal rain.

Current: Temps above normal, no rain yet this month.

Baby Summer Squash

I'm a tad overly attentive to my garden.  Obsessed probably.  Every morning (and probably at mid-morning, noon, afternoon and evening) I take a stroll and take a glance at every plant.  I am enough of a newbie that I want to catch any problems before I even know there are problems.  Finding a failing plant is also a handy excuse to pick up another one at the farmers market.  But the nice thing about babying plants is that you catch the good things early too.  

Art - Best Today - Blue 8

This piece was painted for me, for my birthday.  The artist is my favorite person in the whole world.  He is skilled using various mediums; charcoal, oil, acrylic.  In particular, I like how the painting looks wider on the viewers left side, a trick of proportion.  He doesn't like to showcase his work, which is insane considering we live in a selfie culture.  But I'll sneak some on here from time to time, and keep his name to myself.


For now.

Good Morning Cocktail

Makes 1 Cup.  Pour ingredients over ice cubes and serve

3/4 C very orangey orange drink i.e. Tampico Citrus Punch/Sunny D

1 shot Orangecello

1 shot Peach Schnapps


Lettuce 2017

Last year, I had a bit of lettuce in plastic containers.  This year?  In the vertical garden, built from cedar and filled with many types of greens.  Bitey arugula, mild pale green looseleaf.  Reddish Rocky Top looseleaf adding color.  A couple of mescluns and loose leaf mixes filling in the lush garden boxes.  It's very peaceful outside at the wall of greens, listening to the birds and the snip-snip of my little lettuce cutting scissors.  I hope I never get used to asking someone to run outside quick and grab some lettuce for the burgers.

Radish Harvest Season

The first of many harvests.  

This year I have planted both Franch Breakfast and Candela di Fuoco types.  Not sure they keep away bugs as advertised, maybe, but they are a delicious addition to many spring salads.

'Mandoag' Honorable Mention Short Story NYC Midnight Short Story Contest


A lost little boy, integral to a woodland mystery.

This is the first writing contest I've ever entered. I wanted to win, but let's be real.  An Honorable Mention in the first contest ever is pretty darn good, especially when the topic chosen for me was my least favorite genre, Mystery.  The feedback was instructive and well worth the entry fee.  This is the story as submitted.  I'll tweak it someday.  Maybe.  


Come Back Sunny Days!

Photo taken by CElisabeth.  June Sunset.

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