Some gardeners are dicks.

I've had issues before where after transplant, my maters just stop growing completely.  I'm generally of the mind that this happens when I plant them too small.  I don't transplant seedlings unless they have true leaves, however sometimes I will plant a seedling with only two true leaves as I am just hopeful that way.

So I hit The Google.   It usually only takes me about four minutes to find the dick-my-way-or-YOU-SUCK-AND-ALL-YOUR-PLANTS-WILL-DIE gardener.  Never fails.  Anyway, as I love OPD, here ya go!  I'll add as I find.

Herb Spiral May 2017

Notice the lack of garlic that emerged too early and died last November.  Included so far, from bottom to top:

  1. Garlic
  2. Parsley, Italian
  3. Chives, gift from another gardener, type unkown
  4. Lantana, Sunrise
  5. Thyme
  6. Million Bells
  7. Basil
  8. Lantana, Sunrise
  9. Oregano
  10. Million Bells
  11. Gerbera Daisy
  12. Sage

Items to be added later:  Thai Basil, Dill, Syrian Oregano, Lemon Grass


Salmon Sunset Seedlings - Happily

Zone 4/5

While wandering around my yard, silently cursing those damn Bells of Ireland seedlings, I found a few treasures, Salmon Sunset seedlings.  

Bells Of Ireland

Large detailed photo.

Just a Reminder.....

Summer is Coming!


Summer is Coming!  My Looking Forward To List:


The sun.  On my skin.  Warming my legs, feeling them slowing deepen from pale northerner to roasted southerner.

BBQ dinners.  Burger night.  Fresh corn on the cob.  A cold Pepsi on a sweaty sweltering day.

Spending so much time in the garden that my neighbors tie of seeing me outside all the time.

The front porch at sunset, getting lost in lazy conversation.

Peep toe pumps and somewhere fantastic to wear them.


Article: Science behind a Weight Loss Plateau

Search the web asking about a weight loss plateau, you get the typical responses.  You are cheating on your diet and/or not exercising enough.  What about those who track every bite and vary their activity and faithful exercise routines?  What if you have approached weight loss in a manner designed to be variable and plateau-proof?  Turns out, science has some answers.  Some of us love a knowledge trail to follow.  I may or may not have occasionally fallen down a wiki-hole a time or two or seventeen thousand.

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