Salmon Sunset Seedlings - Happily

Zone 4/5

While wandering around my yard, silently cursing those damn Bells of Ireland seedlings, I found a few treasures, Salmon Sunset seedlings.  

Bells Of Ireland

Large detailed photo.

Just a Reminder.....

Summer is Coming!


Summer is Coming!  My Looking Forward To List:


The sun.  On my skin.  Warming my legs, feeling them slowing deepen from pale northerner to roasted southerner.

BBQ dinners.  Burger night.  Fresh corn on the cob.  A cold Pepsi on a sweaty sweltering day.

Spending so much time in the garden that my neighbors tie of seeing me outside all the time.

The front porch at sunset, getting lost in lazy conversation.

Peep toe pumps and somewhere fantastic to wear them.


Article: Science behind a Weight Loss Plateau

Search the web asking about a weight loss plateau, you get the typical responses.  You are cheating on your diet and/or not exercising enough.  What about those who track every bite and vary their activity and faithful exercise routines?  What if you have approached weight loss in a manner designed to be variable and plateau-proof?  Turns out, science has some answers.  Some of us love a knowledge trail to follow.  I may or may not have occasionally fallen down a wiki-hole a time or two or seventeen thousand.

Recipe Search Saturday - Maters

My tomato seedlings aren't growing fast enough, even though I feed them with my expectant gaze.  Literally.  I stare at them, willing them to grow.

I'm a tad excited for spring.

Free Wildflower Seeds from Cheerios

Link to form below.

I already have my bee attracting seeds for this year.  Borage, which is bee crack, and squash.  Multiple bees on these blossoms last year.  I had no issues with pollination per creating a little bee heaven in my garden and surrounding yard.  I encourage everyone to take advantage as bees are an integral factor in creating a productive garden.  Hand pollination can be done, but why not use the tools nature provided to help out? 


Stuffed Winter Squash - YES honey!

Stuffed Winter Squash - Serves 8

2 Buttercup or similar type winter squash.  

Carve off the top, scoop out and discard the seeds.  If wobbly, cut off a thin slice of the very bottom of the squash to even out. Salt the inside of the squashes with half of the salt.  Set oven to 400  degrees.

1T Butter, cut in half.  Put one piece in the bottom of each squash.

1/2 LB ground pork.  You can purchase plain and season yourself, but I use mildly seasoned pork.

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