Mon petit plaisir - My Little Pleasure

Today, it's a walk.  Outside.  In the middle of the afternoon.  Unseasonably warm temperatures beam happiness, a reminder to do a quick gratitude exercise.  All the worker bees are busy working.  Strolling through new construction, I am passed by friendly contractors driving from site to site.  Penned dogs chat as I pass, looking to play.  Usually, I am wearing my headphones, by today I just wanted to get lost in my neighborhood, instead of the beats.

Holy Shit Cardio - Low Impact - Pahla Bowers

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Hit my personal best this year, working out.  Using my Polar HR watch as a guide, I burned well over 600 calories in an hour of cardio time.  I watched three 20 minute videos. I do low impact cardio as high impact exercises leave my body with a longer recovery time.  Plus, I don't appreciate all the bouncing.  

Winter Sowing Experiment - Tomato ZONE 4-5 (w/Final UPDATE)

Winter sowing sounds wonderful when you live in a home with limited space to start seeds.  However, how much winter is too much for this method?  Winter sowing, simply put, is planting seeds outdoors in the winter in a mini-greenhouse environment and let mother nature encourage germination in her own time.  For a more detailed overview, visit  I am also curious about the rate of growth compared to a seed started indoors.

Old School Tae Bo

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The holy grail of TaeBo workout videos is the original Advanced dvd.  Nobody seems to have one and if they do, they want an insane amount of money to purchase it.

Favorite Music Videos - Gotye - Someone I Used To Know

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I can't count how many times I listen to this song since it was released in 2011.  The video is interesting visually, and different than any video I had seen before.  Besides, who can't relate to feeling this way after the end of a relationship?  If we haven't felt this way, we've likely inflicted this sorrow on another.  2011 was a memorable year for music, for me personally.  Adele, Lady Gaga...too many musical endeavors to count.  If you are into electronica, I would recommend spending some time running through the different remixes of this Gotye track.

Five things to be happy about Today, December Twenty-Eighth

  1. The days are getting longer.  More sun.  More vitamin D.  It feels like March outdoors today.
  2. Approximately 360 days until the next winter holiday season.  That is a lot of time to encourage your loved ones to please give us all more options on their wish list.  It also gives us more time to come up with creative gift ideas.
  3. Thus far, our winter has been mild.  Green grass still covers my lawn, revealed under patches of melted snow.  A nice reminder of the warm seasons to come.
  4. Prime seed-selecting and garden planning time.

Writing Prompt - Spend holiday with three favorite fictional characters.

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Scarlett O'Hara and Melanie from Gone With The Wind, just to have a front row seat to their dynamic.  If Melanie did know that Scarlett loved Ashley, it would add extravagant depth to the conversation.  I'd simply ask how does one know they are loved and then sit back awhile and listen.  The holidays tend to bring fresh blood to old wounds.  Perfect timing.

Offred The Handmaids Tale.  I greatly enjoy conversations regarding the past, current and future impact of feminism.  I would ask endless questions about her world. 





It's been more than a DECADE since Numa Numa kid brought this video to the internets.   A decade!  No, I'm not old, I'm happy I live in a world where random strangers do in public what I do in private and make me laugh.  And dance.   The Gary Numa-Numa video was originally released in 2004 on the website.   Gary has a website, where he has parlayed this cute little song parody into web fame.

Gary's "original".

Kendall Jenner. I'm a fan.

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Frivolousity should be a word.   I can't get enough of Kendall.  The introverted Kardashian, the one missing the silicone parts. Nobody knows who she is dating.  She asks her family to stay away from some of her fashion shows.  No doubt her family name has opened as many doors as it has closed.  She's near the top of my SO's List of Five and I can't blame him.  She is elegantly attractive.  I feel for her a bit.  She didn't ask to have her life filmed, she makes the best of a world she has little choice but to live in.

A new set of novels to read. J.G. Ballard.

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And my list of Shit I likely Won't Get To Til Retirement If I Have No Grandkids or Garden gets longer.  J.G. Ballard.  Just reading an overview of his work has added three new words to my vocabulary.


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