Writing Prompt - Spend holiday with three favorite fictional characters.

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Scarlett O'Hara and Melanie from Gone With The Wind, just to have a front row seat to their dynamic.  If Melanie did know that Scarlett loved Ashley, it would add extravagant depth to the conversation.  I'd simply ask how does one know they are loved and then sit back awhile and listen.  The holidays tend to bring fresh blood to old wounds.  Perfect timing.

Offred The Handmaids Tale.  I greatly enjoy conversations regarding the past, current and future impact of feminism.  I would ask endless questions about her world. 





It's been more than a DECADE since Numa Numa kid brought this video to the internets.   A decade!  No, I'm not old, I'm happy I live in a world where random strangers do in public what I do in private and make me laugh.  And dance.   The Gary Numa-Numa video was originally released in 2004 on the  Newsgrounds.com website.   Gary has a website, where he has parlayed this cute little song parody into web fame.  http://www.garybrolsma.com/

Gary's "original".

Kendall Jenner. I'm a fan.

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Frivolousity should be a word.   I can't get enough of Kendall.  The introverted Kardashian, the one missing the silicone parts. Nobody knows who she is dating.  She asks her family to stay away from some of her fashion shows.  No doubt her family name has opened as many doors as it has closed.  She's near the top of my SO's List of Five and I can't blame him.  She is elegantly attractive.  I feel for her a bit.  She didn't ask to have her life filmed, she makes the best of a world she has little choice but to live in.

A new set of novels to read. J.G. Ballard.

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And my list of Shit I likely Won't Get To Til Retirement If I Have No Grandkids or Garden gets longer.  J.G. Ballard.  Just reading an overview of his work has added three new words to my vocabulary.


Happy Place - November Reading List

Odd as it seems, it can be so easy to get lost in writing literature that you forget to read any.  As any writer is aware, November is write your novel month.  My lifestyle, as I have structured it (admittedly and unapologetically)  simply does not permit me to get an entire novel complete in a month.  Perhaps next year I can set aside a month to knock out the next novel, once I complete my current work.

A Favorite Essay - If You Give Them The Vote, They Will Come

This article seems appropriate considering the possibility of a historic election tomorrow.  Author C.M. Walter.  Published in the Pierre Capital Journal.  Click the link below for the short essay.

The numbers indicate an abundance of single men, a common problem of westward expansion. Uncommon was the Wyoming approach to the problem.


Garlic Experiment by Accident Zone 4-5

I followed the instructions and dutifully planted my garlic about one week before the expected first frost of fall.  Well, we did get a light frost.  And a week or two later, another light frost.  Since then, it's been warm.  As in seventy degrees warm.  In November.  My garlic is coming up, very strong shoots.  Yes, I planted it deep (4-6 inches down) and covered it with mulch in preparation for the typical cold zone 4-5 winter.


Siteground WebHosting

Like what you see?  Please use the link listed below to sign up!

 We came from Arvixe after a too-long period of time having basic service requests ignored and/or having to repeat our requests multiple times, only to be asked that we detail our issue again.  Very happy with my switch.  We ask a ton of questions.  Each time, I have a notification of Siteground response within minutes.



EIP - Plant in Fall Zone 4-5 - FINAL

None of the fall planted seeds came up as of June 21st.  Thankfully was a tiny patch with leftover seeds, so it doesn't feel like a loss.  Not sure if I'll research and retry with better soil.  Stay Tuned.

EIP - Experiment in progress.  

I have read here and there of gardening people planting some seeds in the fall for harvest the next summer.  I set aside a small, sunny corner of the yard to try out a few seeds and see if that idea bears fruit.  This morning I planted the following:

-Beans, french filet, 1 yr old seed

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