Art and Light - R

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This is one piece, R.  I struggle to find the best light that displays my work as I see it.

 Sun - outdoors, photographed in direct sunlight.

Painting in blue and green R
C. Elisabeth 'R' Sunlight

Shade - Outdoors, in the shade and shaded by my shadow.

Best Tomato 2016 - Hillbilly

Funny story.  My sister and I garden and share plants.  She lives right up the road.  She bought a packet of 'Flame' tomatoes from, our primary source of non-GMO seeds.  Doing some research when deciding which seedlings to poach, I found that 'Flame' refers to two different types of tomatoes, depending on region.  More interesting were the reviews of the tomato where the seeds were purchased.

First time, first week Fantasy Football. WON

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Won my league.  Amazing, as I did not exactly read the rules when I signed up, nor did I do any research.  I signed up and clicked the Join Live Draft button.   I got lucky that the two QB's I chose weren't on the same bye week, because I didn't check.  I just grabbed A. Luck and C. Wentz.  I remembered halfway through to check the injury list before drafting a player.  Thankfully, none of my player's names appeared on it.  I did not look for ease of schedule or last year's stats.  I went with gut.

HISTORY - A Triumph of States Rights

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A Triumph of States Rights -  Originally posted 2012


In 1869, Republican Governor of Wyoming Territory, John Allen Campbell, signed a law granting “every woman of the age twenty-one years” the opportunity to vote in any territory election.  Voting rights for women were included in the Wyoming state constitution in 1889, the first state to do so.


Girl in Alaska Stories - Part Two

Girl in Alaska Stories - Part Three coming soon!  Girl in Alaska Stories Part One & Part Two for Purchase at Smashwords and other ebook retailers. If you would like to check out Girl in Alaska Part One, please follow to Smashwords!

I would greatly appreciate a review left at the online store where you purchased your book.  As always, thank you for reading.  Link to Smashwords Girl in Alaska Stories - Part Two is provided below:

Marcus Lemonis - Reddit AMA

AMA refers to a Ask Me Anything.  The Profit is one of my favorite shows (CNBC) and Marcus is one of the best examples of an impactful leader on television.  He understands that business is all about the data and all about the people behind the brand.   Some episodes are infuriating i.e. Farmgirl Flowers (SE03-EP20).  Actually, the FF business might be wonderful but the owner...ugh.  She is why some people hate feminists.  Dial it back, honey.  Sometimes, the problem really is you.  Other episodes make you cheer for the little guy.

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Herb Spiral Zone 4-5

My sister, months ago, sent me text with some pictures of an an herb spiral "we have to do this!!"  Knowing we were in the middle of landscaping and knowing that I am sucker for a unique idea, my sister also knew my response was a "hell yeah" before she even received my text back.  We receive compliments on it often, even though it is year one and the HS (herb spiral) is not yet where I want it to be.  

What I learned:  

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