A Favorite Essay - If You Give Them The Vote, They Will Come

This article seems appropriate considering the possibility of a historic election tomorrow.  Author C.M. Walter.  Published in the Pierre Capital Journal.  Click the link below for the short essay.

The numbers indicate an abundance of single men, a common problem of westward expansion. Uncommon was the Wyoming approach to the problem.


Garlic Experiment by Accident Zone 4-5

I followed the instructions and dutifully planted my garlic about one week before the expected first frost of fall.  Well, we did get a light frost.  And a week or two later, another light frost.  Since then, it's been warm.  As in seventy degrees warm.  In November.  My garlic is coming up, very strong shoots.  Yes, I planted it deep (4-6 inches down) and covered it with mulch in preparation for the typical cold zone 4-5 winter.


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 We came from Arvixe after a too-long period of time having basic service requests ignored and/or having to repeat our requests multiple times, only to be asked that we detail our issue again.  Very happy with my switch.  We ask a ton of questions.  Each time, I have a notification of Siteground response within minutes.



EIP - Plant in Fall Zone 4-5 - FINAL

None of the fall planted seeds came up as of June 21st.  Thankfully was a tiny patch with leftover seeds, so it doesn't feel like a loss.  Not sure if I'll research and retry with better soil.  Stay Tuned.

EIP - Experiment in progress.  

I have read here and there of gardening people planting some seeds in the fall for harvest the next summer.  I set aside a small, sunny corner of the yard to try out a few seeds and see if that idea bears fruit.  This morning I planted the following:

-Beans, french filet, 1 yr old seed

Favorite Pepper - Melrose

This pepper is my fussy favorite.  All the Melrose pepper seedlings died, but my sister managed to grow a few, and gave them to me.  Because she is sweet.  Both transplants thrived in the garden.  Melrose peppers are very sweet, 3-4 inch fruits.  The plants were average in fruit production.  Like most peppers, the plants are sensitive to heat. The plants didn't take off until the air temperature was over 80 degrees.  Production also halted after a week of rainy weather.  These plants are very fussy, yet the lovely flavor demands they make the cut for next year's garden.

Art and Light - R

Image Blog

This is one piece, R.  I struggle to find the best light that displays my work as I see it.

 Sun - outdoors, photographed in direct sunlight.

Painting in blue and green R
C. Elisabeth 'R' Sunlight

Shade - Outdoors, in the shade and shaded by my shadow.

Best Tomato 2016 - Hillbilly

Funny story.  My sister and I garden and share plants.  She lives right up the road.  She bought a packet of 'Flame' tomatoes from rareseeds.com, our primary source of non-GMO seeds.  Doing some research when deciding which seedlings to poach, I found that 'Flame' refers to two different types of tomatoes, depending on region.  More interesting were the reviews of the tomato where the seeds were purchased.

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