Just when you think you are too old (not jaded, I am not jaded) to be gobsmacked and thrilled and sad by the discovery of something new, something new sneaks up from behind you and introduces itself.

So I am browsing reddit and click on a post about redditor's favorite music.  Alt J popped up in a comment.  And in another. Never heard of them. Comments on the threads were glowing to the level that makes you think that there is no way Alt-J can be this fantastic.  Someone posted a link to the Pleader video, as it had just been released.  A note on the videos  The band clearly puts a ridiculous amount of thought, time and money into their music.  You'll see actors you recognize and the production quality is a grand as you'll find in any decent movie.  

My favorite element of Alt-J lyrics and videos are the not-so-random references to art, religion and culture.  Each song is a puzzle, a musical wiki-hole.    Raphael - School of Athens.  Tessalate.  Sebastion?  The original sin.  Mother's milk.  Hunger Games. Mexican Romeo and Juliette.  The Sacrifice.  Who did he kill?  The wife or the mistress?  My favorite chemical symbol.  I wasn't scared for the mouse like everyone else.  Yeah, some of the comments on one video are correct, it does sound like "this is for my dildo".  Might need to enunciate a bit better on the Matilda track.  Questions I have are never-ending.  There wouldn't be an interview long enough for Alt-J to answer all the questions their art generates for me. I could, quite literally, write a full-length analysis of each song.  Its references, my interpretation, the source materials.  My favorite is still Pleader. Perhaps it is the sentimentality that comes with Pleader being my introduction to Alt-J.  I'd like to think the story-telling solidified my love for this song and the accompanying video.  But does it really matter why I love it?  I hope you love it as much as I do.

So sit back, settle in and allow me to share six minutes of wonderful with you.