I'm a tad overly attentive to my garden.  Obsessed probably.  Every morning (and probably at mid-morning, noon, afternoon and evening) I take a stroll and take a glance at every plant.  I am enough of a newbie that I want to catch any problems before I even know there are problems.  Finding a failing plant is also a handy excuse to pick up another one at the farmers market.  But the nice thing about babying plants is that you catch the good things early too.  

Here we have a brand new baby summer squash that wasn't there this morning.  Itty bitty.  I have no idea if it is male or female as this is my first year doing summer squash.  I think male but I'll check again as it gets bigger.  If it gets bigger.  Apparently, sometimes the first few male fruits fall off?  Guess we will see!