Zone 4/5

Last year was the first year I had carte blanche to landscape and garden plan a large space, restricted only by legal limits.  While I pride myself on my research and planning skills, there is one arena I mysteriously neglected.  I neglected to double-check which of my flowers would reseed or spread.  I knew mint plants were impossible to rid once they set roots into your yard, so they were not included plants for my herb spiral.   I did not check any of my other plants.  I always thought Bells of Ireland were gorgeous. They grew quickly and needed no TLC.  Mine loved the soil I provided.  The plants grew five feet tall before falling over, in the afternoon and evening sun.  As the season drew to a close, so did my love for the plants.  Bells of Ireland plants have thorns that are both needle thin and needle sharp.  Many thorns. Ouch.  The scent also wasn't that pleasant.  At the end of garden season inventory, Bells of Ireland didn't make the cut and wouldn't be making an appearance next year.

The Bells from Hell had other plans.  I have BI seedlings everywhere.  There are a few hundred in the front flower garden.  There are more across the front path to the other front garden.  The new north bulb garden that is thirty feet away across the driveway?  Yep, more.  Yesterday, I was walking around the yard and discovered more BI seedlings, growing in the rocks on the south side of the house, thirty feet in the opposite direction.  

I've offered the seedlings (before I commence the mass extinction) to family and friends.  They all like the flowers and are taking some.  I warned them.  I said they WILL reseed, no matter where you put them. They need to prepare for potentially always having Bells of Ireland, whether they want to have them the next year or not.  Still, they take them.  I've given them to three people, with more joining the queue.