Some asshole almost ran me off the road this morning.  I hate rush hour, morning and evening, loath it.  Driving clears my head, but only the highway long-stretch-of-road kind.  I only have to do rush-hour traffic a few times a week, thank sweet baby Jesus.  Most days go uneventfully.  But today...Ugh.  Fuckers out in full force.  Turned up my radio to listen to some metal after my near-death experience, and Fozzy is on XM/Sirius Liquid Metal.  Cathartic, awesome, got to stretch out those vocal cords and hate sing my aggravation away.

To the driver of the gray Silverado; I was on my way home to play on my website, while your entitled ass (dangerously) was trying to be on time for some shitty job where everyone hates you.   Hope you got there late.  Thanks to the other drivers who had you trapped in the slower lane when I passed you, you probably did.

I Win.