I like to stuff things.  Squash.  Peppers.  Tomatoes.  Pumpkins.  Interesting ideas and people into my life. Kind of like Anthony Bourdain, not much more to say that hasn't already been said.  To honor someone wholeheartedly, take something you've learned from that person and spread those seeds far.

The linked AB Parts Unknown episode shows a family stuffing an enormous pumpkin with edibles that would be prayer-good all on their own.  A rustic country french bread.  Freshly grated cheese.  Heavy cream that I imagine it was that-day fresh. The pumpkin looked to me like a 'Musquee de provence' winter squash/pumpkin.  At a challenging 120 days to get it to that delectable deep burnt orange color, I'm pushing the limits of my zone.  Two musquee plants sit in a corner of my yard, by themselves.  They are nestled where the compost pile used to be, so the soil is fertile and spoiled.  The climate models predict a very warm fall.  I will need every day I can get to nurture these babies to perfection.  Anthony Bourdain was a limit pusher too.  I think he would approve.


May the gods be with me!