This is my favorite liquor.  It's harder to find around these parts, so I have my favorite liquor store stock it for me, upon request.  I tell everyone I know how great it is, and give a bottle as a gift every chance I get.  I will single-handedly get my orangecello stocked so I can stop special ordering it.  It's *that* good.  Orangecello is made by stuffing orange peels in a bottle of vodka and waiting a while.  It can be home-made, but as of yet I would rather simply buy it.  I am sure there are other brands of orangecello, but this is the only brand stocked by my liquor store, or any store in this area.  When I called around looking for it initially, half the stores had no idea what I was talking about.

Limoncello, but orange.  Orangecello is very strong.  Most people assume it's similar to a schnapps, but not quite.  It's a shot of strong orange vodka.