You couldn't drag me out of the yard in the spring.  That's the way of things when you suffer through months-long winters.  Every little excuse to be outside is a good one, in the springtime.  Take a picture of the first crocus?  Of course, and twenty of them, for good measure.  Digging up 60 feet of yard for new garden?  Where do I sign up?

But it's August now.  I have bean plants that need to be pulled.  In fact, they beg me to pull them whenever I am out back.  After the Squash Vine Borer Battle of July 2017, I'm worn out.  Now that I have reasons to be outside, the excuses get easier to give in to.  So my list grows.

Pull the needed bean plants.

Dig up N garden.

Dig up cut potatoes.

Apply Neem/DE

Cut branches.