Man, I love watching the Kardashians.  Is it possible to be an aficionado of crap reality TV?  Because I am.  I wish I had been born into a wealthy family.  Kourtney's house...*to die* for.  I don't want their life though.  Those bitches hustle.  Flying to Australia for three days of press for a clothing line, three days in New York for book signings and interviews, a fashion show at Madison Square Garden.  Flying to Vegas and being contractually obligated to kiss wannabe ass for three hours. Make-up lines, being a professional partier, shooting commercials. Navigating all the personal drama.  If Rob were my brother, I'd have to disown him.  That's why I'd make a shitty Kardashian.  I'm too lazy and nowhere near loyal enough.  Put my shit on blast in Vanity Fair?  BYE FOREVER. 

Maybe I'd love the life of managing a reality empire.  Never know.  

Back to my little kingdom.  Gardening-wise, this year was extraordinarily successful.  I expected one Passion Flower blooms, I got four.  Was bummed about losing the Habanada plants but learned I might need to be a bit more careful with the plant hardening.  Other peppers kicked ass.  Tomatoes very productive. In fact, so productive that next year I am doing far fewer plants.  I learned where in my yard a windy severe storm will either strip or protect my babies.  My broccoli did worse than I hoped, for reasons I anticipated; bunnies and midsummer heat.  Carrots, I have too many.  What on earth was I eating last fall that was so carrot heavy?  I am avoiding them this year.  I add them to my daily menu and by the end of the day, they are ignored...replaced. My potatoes did a ton better. They love the deck bags.  

I'll add to this list as I go through the fall chores.

1.  Deck bags - YES potato, NO tomato.  YES pepper.

2.  Tomatoes - Maybe half as many plants?  None along E fence because they are more wind damage susceptible there. 

3.  Pepper -  Melrose and Padron first to ripen.  Figi next to ripen, then Corbaci.    Next year only 12 plants.

4.  Potato - Neem Oil takes care of potato bugs.  Had a significant infestation.  Either one or two applications and ded.  Harvest much bigger this year.  I didn't till the ground before this year planting either.  Last year, harvest was low as I did not till the ground then either. I gambled that I would risk planting more potatoes in the same place and last year's growth would prep the ground for this year.  I was right.  The ground plants had the same output as the deck potato plants.

5.  Broccoli - I planted the wrong type.  I thought I would like it, because it was different, but the leaves interspersed with the small brocc spears give dirt and cabbage worms a ton of great places to hide.  Plus the flavor isn;t great enough to justify the pain in the ass prep-to-eat it requires.

6.  Peas.  We need to double the area for 2018.  The plants did incredible, very heat tolerant and lasted until the heat of July, which was a surprise.  And I *have* to have my garden peas for my Indian Chicken Masala.

7.  Beans.  The second year yellow wax beans didn't do so good.  The Calima green beans were a rock star.  The beans weren't as heat tolerant as I expected, they flower better in lower temps in the 60's.  Just as I was going to pull up the plants as done in August, they came back strong.  The second planting -first week of June- did much better than the mid-May planting.  Learned to plant later and be patient regarding late season harvest.  

8.  Brussies?  Still waiting.  Came across a tidbit saying to top them for more uniform buds so did so.  Hopefully fresh brussies in October?  I've heard they like a frost before harvest.

9.  Kohlrabi - Good roasted and great in a salad!  Will definitely have next year. The cups protected the plants/bulbs from both bugs and critters. 5 plants?

10.  Raspberries -  YAY!  Year two and the canes have spread five times over.  Definitely, do not need to buy any more plants.  The 4" layer of rocks along the fence to protect the neighbors yards have worked.  No plants have crept through the fence.

Happy Fall Garden Kleanup!