Hit my personal best this year, working out.  Using my Polar HR watch as a guide, I burned well over 600 calories in an hour of cardio time.  I watched three 20 minute videos. I do low impact cardio as high impact exercises leave my body with a longer recovery time.  Plus, I don't appreciate all the bouncing.  

I have been doing workout videos for a while now and this is the first video (of any exercise type) that elevated my heart rate quickly and kept it in the 140-165 range for the duration of the workout.  It's deceptively heart rate hardcore.  Super impressed!  20 seconds of each exercise, four rounds, twenty minutes total.  Pahla was upbeat without being irritatingly chipper and would tell you what the next exercise was during the previous move.  The moves were simple yet extraordinarily effective as they used full body motion.  Only three of the multitude of exercises were floor work.  I love doing walk-out planks and mountain climbers, so I was fine with that.  The workout is not interval training.  There are no breaks between moves.  The other two cardio videos were pretty good but a workout has to create some pretty outstanding results for me to take time to hype it. Pahla Bowers - Highly Recommend.


As noted elsewhere, this is not a paid endorsement.  I came across this video and liked it.