Zone 4b/5a.  Weather past week rainy and cooler than average.  Season overall, volatile swings in temperature and dry. Commence Lessons Learned.

Tomato:   Well over 300 fruits on 40 plants, have harvested maybe 15 large tomatoes for eating, innumerable small tomatoes. Approximately 20 fruits discarded per BER.  Cold weather causes BER more than calcium as ample calcium available. A few plants have been pulled per doing poorly or a waste of space.  Two plants on the deck were moved to the patio and main garden and have improved since.  Tomatoes do not like the deck.  No clue why.  Transplanting large tomato plants mid-season so far successful. Most plants now have a tomato starting to turn color, if not already harvested.  The cooler weather has increased fruit set.  Pruning only bottom and dead/diseased branches.  The 4 espalier plants in the main garden were too close together.  One weak Royal Hill was pulled and the other three left are improving.  The largest tomato is currently going to be an Orange Strawberry tomato.  There is currently an enormous tomato ripening, it will weigh in well over a pound.

Most Prolific - Tie Dye, Royal Hillbilly and Tiny Tim.

Yet unripe/untasted - Tye Dye, Mortgage Lifter, Jazz, Gold medal, German Pink

Pepper: Approx 90 fruits on 15 plants.  Number remaining static past month through variable temperatures.  New fruits set as ripe fruits are pulled. Melrose pepper loves the deck, first red pepper to ripen.  Yellow bell pepper only peppers lost to BER.  Once the immature GDE winter squash was harvested, the Corbaci pepper thought dead is returned and healthy.  Harvesting Melrose, Anaheim and Padron.  Figi and Gourmet are turning.  All except Anaheim, Yellow Bell and Green Chinese are amazingly prolific.  Bring on the stuffed pepper recipes!

I can handle the heat of the Anaheim!  Hey, that's very exciting to my wussy palate.  

Melon:  Delicata is suffering.  Were my two strongest vine plants until the rain and cool temps.  No flowers on either plant currently.  Has a fungus/blight of some kind. Provided at least 8 fruits from the two plants, so still thrilled overall. The flavor of Delicata is wonderful.  Watermelon.  Pollination issues causing poor fruit set and deformed fruit.  Tiny male flower parts are not  helping.  Currently there are 2 small football sized fruits and a few baby fruit that I attempted to hand pollinate.  Not too many male flowers to assist with the hand pollination.  The GDE.  The one fruit I tried to save did not work.  It was almost ripe but so close.  Not enough.  That plant was attacked most heavily by the SVB.  I managed to successfully save the other two GDE plants, and kept the other GDE plant with the largest fruit alive for an additional 2 weeks.  There is one very large winter squash on one of the healthy plants.  Should make a great Thanksgiving dish. It's huge, already far bigger than a basketball.  A few male flowers, hoping to get fruit set in the next week.  If there is no more fruit set by Sep 1st, will likely be too late, even assuming a hotter than average fall. Charentais Cantaloupe has two fruits, one for each plant.  Not sure what the deal is, as last year the plants produced about 8-10 fruit.  Seeds are a year older, not sure if that's the reason for reduced output.  I suspect the decision to put the smaller flowered watermelon and cantaloupe next to the winter squash with the giant blossoms was a mistake.  Bees loved the large squash flowers; I feel like the tiny sweet melon blossoms were ignored.

Green Beans:  Very happy with the cooler temps.  Both the early and later plantings got a second wind and have been producing much better than they ever have, for the past two weeks. The DE and Neem Oil took care of whatever was munching on them.  Total of four types of beans planted this year.  Two yellow (Yellow and Soleil) and two green (Nickel and Calima).

The Calima green bean is the rock star. Extremely prolific and delicious.  Makes the cut for next year.

Broccoli: Had stalled until the cooler temps of the past two weeks.  Now harvesting small heads and shoots every few days.  Still no large heads.  may need to try a different type next year.  Stalls once temps rise above 80 degrees.

Summer Squashes: Vines took over main garden.  SBV did attack some but plants seem to be shrugging it off.  I put a bit of BT in a couple of stems but did not put much effort in repel/repair.  Doctoring the winter squash was time consuming and more important for me to save.  A decision that in hindsight, looked to be correct.  I gave all the zuke plants a major trim 2 weeks ago.  Plants still alive.  After the rain, noticed a fungus, so sprinkled copper powder a few days ago.  Too soon to see how effective treatment is.  The cold weather did reduce output, more than the jungle chop.  Summer squash plants still too small, plants too close together and the summer squash took the hit.  Cocozella spreads/vines far more than Gold Bar or Yellow Squash.

Most Prolific:  Goldbar zucchini

Cucumber:  Just this past week, plant finally producing more than one female flower.  Approximately 5 baby fruits on the two surviving plants.  Suyo Long is a fussy cuke, but the most delicious cucumber I have ever tasted.  No decision yet if taste worth the fussiness.

Brussies:  Stalled.  Haven't noticed any increase in bud size in at least a month.  plants healthy otherwise.

Garlic:  Harvested last month.  Drying in garage.  Extraordinarily pleased with output and resilience, as well as flavor.  Will absolutely plant this fall for next year, but later this time.

Peas:   Were done last month.  Can't decide if we want to plant one type instead of two or double the pea space to provide more garden peas.  Shelling garden peas is a pain in the ass, but my Indian Chicken Masala isn't the same without them.

Onion:  I can't get a full sized onion to save my life.  Not yellow, not green bunching.  Shallots though, I kick ass.

Carrots:  Doing fine.  They do not seem to take off until June for August harvest.  Little Finger baby carrots did not like the verticle garden.  

Kohlrabi:  Delicious!  Did not take as much space as I feared.  I need to remove the cups sooner.  The clear plastic cup collars did the job, no animal/bug attack, but did stunt final size.

I have a nine foot sunflower in my garden.  *VBG*

Flowers: PEAK  My front porch smells divine.  Most flowers are excelling.  Gladiolus are mostly blooming or spent.  The Salmon Sunset plants are at peak bloom.  

Best Scent - Carnation, Passionflower, Snapdragon  All herbs.