NYT article by Dan Barry. 

Knowing the evil that has been committed in the name of God (i.e. Holocaust, priest molestation scandal), you would think I would not be so surprised by a story of those you would expect to most care for children instead abusing them to the point of potentially murder.  But I am.  Even knowing these nuns were likely themselves basically conscripted into the same circumstances in which they had been raised, I am still stunned by their ability to abuse.  I am also surprised by the literally hundreds of people coming in, out and around these children's lives and saying nothing.  Maybe it's because I am a mouthy sort, gaining self-esteem from my sometimes too-willingness to call out an unfairness.  Maybe I am too hopeful, not jaded enough. 

In any case, the Tuam case is one I will follow.  The official government report is coming out in 2018.  I'll keep an eye out for it.  I hope the discarded bones are few and a more than expected number of children were adopted into loving homes.