None of the fall planted seeds came up as of June 21st.  Thankfully was a tiny patch with leftover seeds, so it doesn't feel like a loss.  Not sure if I'll research and retry with better soil.  Stay Tuned.

EIP - Experiment in progress.  

I have read here and there of gardening people planting some seeds in the fall for harvest the next summer.  I set aside a small, sunny corner of the yard to try out a few seeds and see if that idea bears fruit.  This morning I planted the following:

-Beans, french filet, 1 yr old seed

-Tomato, Hillbilly, seeds saved this summer

-Bell pepper, Melrose, 1 yr old seed

-Brussel sprouts, 1 yr old seed

-Borage, 1 yr old seed.  I predict this will do incredible.  This plant is ridiculously fertile and productive.

-Bee Balm, 1 yr old seed

Wish us luck!

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