I've been watching reality TV since MTV's Real World, catching most of the first few seasons.  Project Runway was the first reality TV series that became must watch reality TV, clearing my calendar to settle in for each episode.  I still have a seething hatred for Gretchen and you can't tell me that N. Garcia and M. Kors names haven't been tarnished by that choice to fight for her win on her season.  Puck and The Peanut Butter (barf).  Santino the dickhead.   Tammy "it wasn't not funny".  I can't wait for the next season of Top Chef either.  That show has greatly expanded the base number of foods I am willing to try.  I now pay attention to balance of flavors, the proper acidity of certain dishes.  I am growing kohlrabi, excitedly, as I am more excited than ever to introduce less common foods into the family menu.

Yet the Real Housewives franchise took a while for me to connect to.  I still don't like some of the seasons.  No thanks New York, DC nor New Jersey or OC.  It's RH of Atlanta, Beverly Hills and Dallas.  I know is more highly scripted than production and publicity will cop to.  But interesting people are still interesting people on or off script.  I would absolutely love to have a Rinna, Jayne or Kandi in my life.  No Phaedra though, she is evil to the core.  The producers have done very well finding the right women to embody either the good or evil role they play.

I really liked RHOD Season One.  The first few episodes were on the slow side but LeeAnn.  Wow.  I know you aren't supposed to armchair diagnose anyone ever, but she behaves textbook BPD, backstory included.  She does such a good job portraying (or being) someone who has the disorder that part of me thinks she should get off the damn TV and get help.  On the other side, she knows her role.  She knows she's the draw.  I'm frankly scared of her and would never want to meet her irl.  Her sidekick? I knew Tiffany was full of shit, gas-lighting LeeAnn and dropping crumbs in every potential pot to start drama.  Drove me nuts how many people insisted she was this ride-or-die golden girl.  I knew her loyalty could be bought for the price of a Keith Suburban mix-tape. So very very happy Tiffany is reportedly getting far less camera time.  Team Stephanie (did she get cheek implants???)  all the way.  She genuine, as is Cary.  I *adore* Cary.  She gets so much shit on social media and it's NOT fair.  People say she isn't real but I know she is because I am very much like her, both direct and honest.  I know I'm real.  Pretty much confirms my opinion that if I ever were on television (thank all of the gods this will never happen), I would not be understood at all.

Season two, RHOD.  The "charity world" storyline, I found fantastic.  Keep it.  The snot, and poop and fart jokes and conversation?  Leave that back in Season One.  Enough of that.  But can we get a release date?

Season Two teaser below.