Flipping excitedly through the Spring 2016 Baker Creek garden catalog was my first time seeing a Salmon Sunset flower.  I adored the dual colors of orange and bright pink creating the pretty peachy landscape.  Of all the flowers I started from seed, the Salmon Sunset was the heartiest.  All the seeds germinated, as well survived transplant.  As a garden novice knows, a plant with a Tolerance for Newbie Gardeners is a plant you reseed for life.   I transplanted the 2-3" seedlings outdoors around the time of the last frost.  

The seedlings grew.  And grew. And grew.  The final plant isn't so much a plant, but a bush that covers half of my sidewalk, because I did not allow much space for expansion when I planted them as babies.  This flower has little scent and did not attract bees as much as some of my other flowers.

What I Learned:  Plant triple next year, as everyone wows over these gorgeous flowers and wants a Salmon Sunset in their gardens next year.  Allow a minimum of 4' square per plant, however a 2'x4' area is ideal.  These plants have been blooming since late June.  The blossoms are numerous, even without removing old blossoms.  The plant may need an 18"-24" stake on the main stem, which I will provide next year and see how they do.  I'll report back.

What I Still Don't Know:  How it will survive a zone 4-5 winter.