At the Farmer's Market, looking to replace a couple...ok, a few...plants that were looking sickly after transplant.  Two of us shoppers ended up at the same tomato stand at the same time.  I read the label, Gold Medal tomato, and hunt for the bushiest plant in the bunch.  The other gardener next to me snatched one particular plant before I could take a look at it.  Fine, there were about 20 plants.  Then I notice the tag on any of the maters does not match the display sign.  I mention that to my fellow shopper and she suggests finding someone to ask. I do and the vendor informs me she's sorry, she's not sure why the wrong sign, but there are no more Gold Medal plants.  Bummed, I put my plant (German Striped)  back and start to walk away.  I'm picky, it's the only kind I wanted from that vendor.  The other lady is still hanging around.  She stops me as I am leaving, offering me one of the plants in her arms.  It's labeled Gold Medal.  No wonder she collected that particular plant so quickly!  I snoozed and lost so told her to keep it but she insisted.  She said that her husband had put a strict ten tomato plant limit on her, so she really should just not buy it.  She said that one year she planted 30 tomato plants from seed one year and he wasn't having any of that anymore.  I said Thank You and wow did I mean it.  The last Gold Medal plant in the whole farmer's market and she let me have it.  That's a big deal, imo.  So very very nice!  She said she comes to the market every week and looks forward to an update on the plant if we see each other again.  Once the plant is ready for harvest, I'll bring a tomato for her on the chance I see her.  

No, I did not tell her I planted 40 tomato plants.  I felt that would be mean.  I've already lost two, a Hillbilly and a Rainbow Cherry plant.  But I now have a Gold Medal and another Hillbilly to replace it, in the ground and ready to grow.

"We need to limit the number of tomato plants, babe"  Those are fighting words!