It's been a cool spring.  I. Love. Hot. Weather.  Every few weeks I check the climate model maps, which have actually been more accurate than usual the past year or so.  It used to be I could count on the seasonal weather to be the opposite of whatever the climate prediction map foretold.  Not recently though.  Now look at this map...awash in warm colors for the rest of May.  Same as my face, already hit with the first of many a sunburny glow.  I'm bringing freckles back.


Another note about this spring.  While the overall temperature was lower than last year, the temperatures were more stable.  Last year, our area had a drop in temperature after the last average frost date.  Near 32 degrees, sending those who had already planted their gardens (most people I know) into a panic.  This year, the daily high temperatures were lower than average, but the low temperatures were higher.  We did have the predicted Three Chilly Saints days, but the lows stayed above 40 degrees.

As Always, Happy Gardening!