A couple of days ago, I meander around to the south side of the house, towards the hose to start my morning watering and come upon a very flat bunny and its organs splayed in the yard.  Shrieked, yes I did, and walked away from that mess with a quickness.  Off to call the man of the house to take care of it.  

Now, there were two (apparently three, as there are still two after the massacre), bunnies that live in my raspberry patch in one corner and among the lilac bushes in the other.  I don't like bunnies.  I don't want them there.  They are not an endangered species and I hear they reproduce quickly.  So I don't feel bad not liking them.  They have eaten two of my pepper plants and two of my broccoli plants, not .to mention chewing on some of my flowers and raspberry bushes.  I have over 300 sq ft of flower and veggie garden area.  100 sq ft of it is enclosed and protected from most critters.  Per the layout, cost and aesthetics concerns, enclosing all of my growing space isn't reasonable.  Cayenne pepper helps in most places but the bunnies like raspberry bushes and peppers too much for that to be a deterrent.  

All that said, I want the bunnies to go away.  But being disemboweled by a dog, likely per the shook bunny fluff covering a decent sized section of the yard, is not what I had in mind.  I just wanted them to hop away to one of the many fields nearby.

Stray dogs are rare around here. I wonder whose dog it was.