I followed the instructions and dutifully planted my garlic about one week before the expected first frost of fall.  Well, we did get a light frost.  And a week or two later, another light frost.  Since then, it's been warm.  As in seventy degrees warm.  In November.  My garlic is coming up, very strong shoots.  Yes, I planted it deep (4-6 inches down) and covered it with mulch in preparation for the typical cold zone 4-5 winter.


Great.  Now what?  Our weather is expected to cool down, but nowhere near as cold as it is supposed to be.  The leaves are off the trees, but I still have a lush green lawn and wear shorts from time to time.  The Great and Wonderful Interwebs tells me that my garlic will be fine next year.  Other sources say I'm screwed, that the garlic will not bulb because it will not have the energy resources next spring, as they are being spent now.  We will see, I guess.  I am not going to plant more or do anything to the healthy garlic plants currently sprouting in five different spots I have them planted around my yard.  Maybe add more mulch, but I was planning to do that anyway.

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