So you want to start your own garden... Considerations

Whether your budget is ten bucks and a hoe or you are planning your own idyllic garden to rival the Palace of Versailles, you can absolutely do this. Yup, an apartment balcony or an acre. I'll skip the chit-chat and give you a general overview of how to get started. Use what you need, discard what you don't.

Community Garden Diaries - Battle of the Purslane.

I let purslane grow in my community garden.  I had a sneaking suspicion that my love for the plant would not be shared by the other gardeners.  I am one of the younger gardeners. I also know I tend to be a bit more experimental with things than most people, both for good and for bad.

bon vivant Anthony Bourdain and the dish I am currently growing

I like to stuff things.  Squash.  Peppers.  Tomatoes.  Pumpkins.  Interesting ideas and people into my life. Kind of like Anthony Bourdain, not much more to say that hasn't already been said.  To honor someone wholeheartedly, take something you've learned from that person and spread those seeds far.

Reincarnation - mid argument.

If you have a moment, listen to the 20th-century philosopher Alan Watts tells the story of the Chinese farmer, to get a quick sense of what I am talking about.  I think it is short enough to be worth your time, as who hates fables?

If you hate fables, you have to leave my page.  Go on...BYE FELICIA.  We love short stories here.

Happiness Is: HEAT baby!

It's been a cool spring.  I. Love. Hot. Weather.  Every few weeks I check the climate model maps, which have actually been more accurate than usual the past year or so.  It used to be I could count on the seasonal weather to be the opposite of whatever the climate prediction map foretold.  Not recently though.  Now look at this map...awash in warm colors for the rest of May.  Same as my face, already hit with the first of many a sunburny glow.  I'm bringing freckles back.

Comparing Chipmunk and Bunny Deterrents - Midwest

Bunny and chipmunk damage to plants and trees is a significant problem here, partly because my yard is delicious.  Partly because I have neighbors who have a bunny living in their bushes and think it's soooo cute because it's pals with their dog.  It's a big bunny, likely the proud father of 429,327 lil bunny bastards who hop over to my place for meals.  I have scoured the internet for the past few years trying to solve my little bunny and chipmunk problem.  Thanks to search engines, I have been presented many options, most of which I have tried. 

I miss John Boehner

Not sure why they pushed him out, he's a perfect fit for current admin.


Except for that weed thing.


Stab Rabbits. And Chipmunks are Assholes.

Reddit has been a life-changer.  Huge time-suck.  But I live there.  I've acclimated enough to the reddit vernacular to recognize when something is misspelled, it's very likely on purpose.  And if not on purpose?  It will be.  



How is babby formed. 

Ok, so that last one was a yahoo answers creation, but reddit keeps it alive.  

Reddit has a thing about renaming animals with more appropriate names.  I am linking one of my favorite animal name changes, for your amusement.

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