Won my league.  Amazing, as I did not exactly read the rules when I signed up, nor did I do any research.  I signed up and clicked the Join Live Draft button.   I got lucky that the two QB's I chose weren't on the same bye week, because I didn't check.  I just grabbed A. Luck and C. Wentz.  I remembered halfway through to check the injury list before drafting a player.  Thankfully, none of my player's names appeared on it.  I did not look for ease of schedule or last year's stats.  I went with gut.  Not sure reinforcing my unfortunate tendency to jump the hell on into anything with a win was a good thing.

At the end of week on, I ended up with 124 points in my standard league.  Won my match-up by two points.  

I picked players with something more to prove than the average aggro NFL player.  Coming off a shittier than expected season (DeMarco Murray), a contract year (DeSean Jackson), and proving he deserves one of the best contracts in the NFL (Andrew Luck).   I also took Jeremy Langford for the hell of it, no clue why.  Just seemed like a smart pick.  Same with Colts TE D. Allen and Raiders WR - Amari Cooper.   J. Matthews with the Eagles was played last week instead of DeSean, that worked really well for me.  The second factor I looked at was high scoring offenses.  

I tried to waiver Packer Starks for Saints Snead but someone beat me to it.  So I grabbed Danny Woodhead instead.

Now I have to figure out who to play this week.  I can't imagine I'll win again, but I'd better end up in the top 50%!  Pride!

Wish me luck!