Zone 5

Climate prediction is a bit of a crap-shoot.  Last year at this time, I was pretty excited about the prediction that the garden season was going to be a hot one in 2017. Overall, it was.  The last frost date held true to prior years (middle of May).  So I learned that even if there is a hotter spring, the Three Chilly Saints of May 11, 12 and 13 will generally cast their chilly cloak over any hopes that we can skip the May frost this year.  And right on schedule, we got the Ice Saints frost.  Thanks, Old Farmer's Almanac.

This past summer was definitely hotter than usual, as predicted, yet a bit drier than predicted as well.  My preference is slightly drier than normal, as it leaves me more control over watering.  Fruits such as tomato, melons ect, taste better when they are not given too much water as the time for harvest approaches.  In fact, they taste the best when harvested during a slightly dry spell.  Around late August, our local dry spell broke and we have received more rain than needed.  My precious, an Orangeglo watermelon, was picked last night.  My first one ever.  Bland.  Waterlogged.  Engage pouty face.  Perhaps this year?

Make sure to check the maps every so often as the predictions are recalculated once or twice twice a month.  See link to maps below.  

Will I be happy?