Funny story.  My sister and I garden and share plants.  She lives right up the road.  She bought a packet of 'Flame' tomatoes from, our primary source of non-GMO seeds.  Doing some research when deciding which seedlings to poach, I found that 'Flame' refers to two different types of tomatoes, depending on region.  More interesting were the reviews of the tomato where the seeds were purchased.  It seemed my fellow gardeners were talking about two different type of tomatoes, eventually coming to the realization that there were two different kinds of tomato seeds in the same seed packet, one type of 'Flame' and 'Hillbilly'.  No way to know which seeds were which.  

So my sister had given me two little 'Flame' seedlings.  My hope was that I got one of each type, but the seedlings looked the same when I planted them.  So I waited.  After about 5 weeks, it became clear that I hit the jackpot.  One plant was shorter and bushier, 'Flame'.  The other plant was taller and less bushy (until the heat of August hit) 'Hillbilly'.  Going back to the website, you will notice a correction has been made, the tomato seeds are now labeled 'Hillbilly/Flame'.

Mother Nature will reveal all.  She revealed a gorgeous yellow/orange/red streaked tomato, very meaty.  I can't even describe the flavor, then to say that it tastes the way an old-time tomato is supposed to taste.  It's just hands-down delicious.  The plant is NOT prolific, not sure if that is due to the seed cultivation error.  Nevertheless, I will be planting at least three Hillbilly tomato plants in my garden next year.

Hillbilly Tomato
Hillbilly Tomato.  Gorgeous and Delicious!