Today, it's a walk.  Outside.  In the middle of the afternoon.  Unseasonably warm temperatures beam happiness, a reminder to do a quick gratitude exercise.  All the worker bees are busy working.  Strolling through new construction, I am passed by friendly contractors driving from site to site.  Penned dogs chat as I pass, looking to play.  Usually, I am wearing my headphones, by today I just wanted to get lost in my neighborhood, instead of the beats.  I let my mind wander, fuck mindfulness, and think about how blue the sky is, how far I should walk, how excited I am to share my new recipe with everyone at dinner and damn it's warm, how male strippers make me laugh and I wonder what the temperature is?  But I leave my phone alone.  Nobody would believe that if I told them.

I am one of the lucky ones, for sure.