AMA refers to a Ask Me Anything.  The Profit is one of my favorite shows (CNBC) and Marcus is one of the best examples of an impactful leader on television.  He understands that business is all about the data and all about the people behind the brand.   Some episodes are infuriating i.e. Farmgirl Flowers (SE03-EP20).  Actually, the FF business might be wonderful but the owner...ugh.  She is why some people hate feminists.  Dial it back, honey.  Sometimes, the problem really is you.  Other episodes make you cheer for the little guy.  Often Marcus will give a hard-working employee, one who has been busting ass more than the owner, a share of the business and hence, a share of the success.

What is the best advice ever given to you?

  • To be myself and not try to impress people. Sometimes people won't like you and that's ok.


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