I planted the following tomato types in my garden:

  1. Mushroom Basket - 4 plants.  A large meaty red tomato.  Not susceptible to blossom end rot, did not split after a late season heavy rain.  This tomato is listed as a determinate type, but as of this writing, still have new maters developing.  Unfortunately, I liked the flavor of a few other tomatoes much better.  Too bad, as that is the only character missing, but it is the most important.  Not keeping.
  2. Flame/Hillbilly - 1 plant each.   Hillbilly, is hands down, the BEST tomato I have ever had.  Ever.  Flame was good.  But compared to hillbilly, not really a standout.  Flame did not make the cut.  The version of Flame i had was a plum-sized orange tomato, similar to a paste tomato. Hillbilly-Keep  I saved the seeds from a tomato, however, will buy a more seeds from a different company to make sure I have some for next year.  Hillbilly tomato is meaty and a gorgeous yellow/red/orange.  Did not burst during the late season rain, no blossom end rot.  The only issue was that the plant was not prolific.  My favorite tomato and I might get five from the plant, if I am lucky.  Not sure if that is related to the possible seed cultivation error, next year we will see.  More on the Story of Hillbilly/Flame http://8thdeadlysin.com/node/34
    Tomatoes, Flame, Mushroom Basket, Hillbilly
    From L to R: Flame, Mushroom Basket, Hillbilly


  3.   Orange Strawberry.  1 plant.  This was a transplant I purchased because I realized I had room in the garden after the rest of my seeds and transplants were planted.  You know that was a happy gardening day!  this tomato is yellow-orange tomato, about the size of a plum.  The plants were not very prolific and slightly suseptible to blossom end rot.  Did not burst after heavy late season rain.  Flavor-wise, my second favorite and therefore a Keeper - Orange Strawberry.
  4.   Sungold.   1 plant.  Also a late spring purchase to fill space.  An orange-yellow cherry tomato, it is a very sweet tomato.  Bunnies/gophers love this plant.  I just walked out this morning to see most of my late season Sungold blossoms snipped by those garden assholes.  Plant is prolific and never split after heavy late season rain.  No blossom end rot.  Sungold - Keeper. 
  5.  San Marzano (yellow).   1 plant.  Also a late season purchase to fill space.  All the red San Marzano tomato plants were gone, so I was happy to grab this yellow SM and try it out.  I live for my vodka sauce, which is supposed to be made with San Marzano tomatoes.  I got one tomato from the plant, the rest taken by blossom end rot.  Not prolific.  Not a keeper.  In fact, I pulled the plant halfway through the season.  
  6.   Icicle. 1 plant survived from 6 seedlings I planted.  An orange paste tomato.  A bit of blossom end rot however the bigger issue was that most maters split after a moderate rain.  I'm not having that.  Not prolific but not stingy either.  Either way, no way.
  7.   Sioux 3 plants.  These were another pick up from my sister.  A baseball sized red, not meaty.  Very prolific.  They split if you happen to breathe around them.  It was a dry season and I did not water daily, to retain the flavor of my maters.  Sioux maters split anyway, without fail.  Flavorless.  The biggest disappointment mater in my garden.
  8.   Sunrise Bumblebee.   3 plants.  A large cherry-type tomato.  Sweet but not as sweet as Sungold.  It is so pretty!  An orange tomato striped with red.   Zero blossom end rot.  Prolific.  Did not split even after a heavy late season rain.    Keeper, because family likes them best to grab for their lunches.   
    Sunrise Bumblebee tomato
    Sunrise Bumblebee