Midwestern mama, loves Other People's drama.  

Happiness Is:  Being domesticated aka spoiling my loved ones, creating new recipes, satisfying my unrelenting curiosity, beautiful pumps, laughing to tears and writing short stories from an off-kilter perspective.  

Blessed Because: My partner is creative, interesting and devoted. The frequent forgiveness given to me even when I am clearly undeserving.  I, and those I love, have more health and security than most people on this earth.  Even when it feels like I have nothing, I actually have more.

Hate:  Dusting.  An assumption that I never knew what was really going on. Those who disrespect the value of SAHP's and diminish the role of fatherhood and men.  On the flip side, I also have little time for those who say, without exception, that it is always harder being a SAHP than living the life of a working-outside-the-home parent.  Being a domestic CEO or whatever cutesy name you want to assign what I do, is not harder. Working mothers do what I do in the household, PLUS work part or all of the day.  I've done both.  This Housewife Life is pretty damn good and I am hopeful I am successful enough to stay here, maintaining hearth and home...