Odd as it seems, it can be so easy to get lost in writing literature that you forget to read any.  As any writer is aware, November is write your novel month.  My lifestyle, as I have structured it (admittedly and unapologetically)  simply does not permit me to get an entire novel complete in a month.  Perhaps next year I can set aside a month to knock out the next novel, once I complete my current work.

So I flipped my script and turned November into a reading rebirth of sorts.  I also painted another painting, feeding my creative side in a more diverse fashion.  Reading can only help my writing, right?.  My best-loved type of written work is the short story, in particular, works of about 1k-2k works.  Can the author make a dramatic point and weave an impactful tale within those constraints?  The good ones can and do.  Often.  This month, I read approximately thirty-five short stories.  I also started two novels, yet only completed one.  Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep   from Author Philip K. Dick.  I failed to be drawn in by Slaughterhouse Five and abandoned it.  DADOES  was interesting, I appreciated the sedate writing.  The protagonist's understated personality was the embodiment of the cloak of depression and ash that had settled over that post-nuclear world.  I was surprised to like it, as I often prefer a bit of over-explaining instead of less.  Just dipping my toe into sci-fi/sci-fantasy novels.  I read Dune back in my teen years and oddly rarely returned to the science fiction genre to explore much further.  I'm baaaack!

Top 5 Short Stories read this November:

  1. Drive Aaron Gwyn.  A re-read, one of my favorites
  2. The Ascent Ron Rash.   This one might fuck you up a bit.  
  3. A Good Man is Hard to Find Mary Flannery O'Connor.  Makes you want to smack a grandma, an uncommon feeling.
  4. A Rose for Emily Faulkner.  I want this backstory!
  5. Hills Like White Elephants.  The choice.  Yes, it is debatable.