And my list of Shit I likely Won't Get To Til Retirement If I Have No Grandkids or Garden gets longer.  J.G. Ballard.  Just reading an overview of his work has added three new words to my vocabulary.


Following an article on Elisabeth and her upcoming turn as the protagonist in The Handmaids Tale, I found a review of the movie High Rise.  I am a devoted fan of Elisabeth Moss.  If she acts in the movie, I know it is good.  Like many of us, I was drawn in by her portrayal of Peggy in Mad Men.  I have seen her in other movies since and it is clear she likes movies that make the audience think, and set them to processing what they have seen, hours after the show is over.   Same with Kate Winslet.  I know I'll like it if she is in it.


The article included a synopsis of much of Ballard's work.  It explored the common themes and the exploration of the tie between behavior and the physical environment that we choose for ourselves.  So I just added a few titles to my list of books I'd like to read, to the ever-growing list I keep in my phone.    And a movie.  Someday, after I read the books.