Frivolousity should be a word.   I can't get enough of Kendall.  The introverted Kardashian, the one missing the silicone parts. Nobody knows who she is dating.  She asks her family to stay away from some of her fashion shows.  No doubt her family name has opened as many doors as it has closed.  She's near the top of my SO's List of Five and I can't blame him.  She is elegantly attractive.  I feel for her a bit.  She didn't ask to have her life filmed, she makes the best of a world she has little choice but to live in.  Not sure how I would fare if my parents had filmed my childhood for profit.  Fame resulting from choices you didn't make isn't simply a cloak you can shrug off when you finally turn eighteen and step out on your own.


In any case, I just really like the woman.  She is great at what she does.  She makes me want to go to the gym.'s+Best+Model+Moments/articles