The holy grail of TaeBo workout videos is the original Advanced dvd.  Nobody seems to have one and if they do, they want an insane amount of money to purchase it.

I first discovered Billy Blank back when he first hit the scene, buying the box set of workout tapes in 1998.  The four videos included in the set were the Instructional, 8 Minute, Basic and Advanced workout.   I never purchased the DVD's as I had a VCR available.  I lost weight and gained better health quickly, combining a strict diet and daily workout.  Every few years I would go back to the VCR and TaeBo.  It always worked. 

I'm back again, after a long hiatus from working out.  The VCR and those tapes are long gone. I can buy the newer Tae Bo videos but they aren't the same.  Some require equipment I don't want to buy, or simply don't have the same feel as the originals.  Perhaps it's psychological; I associate success with the original workouts, so that's what I want to go back to.  I found, on Youtube as a low quality copy, the original Basic workout.  You can buy the original set of tapes pretty cheap, if you still have a VCR.   But the Advanced DVD isn't found, and that's the one I want.  Reading through comments on a thread of any TaeBo Advanced (later workouts, not the original), you will see many of us in the same boat, damn near begging Billy B to re-release the originals.  

He'd make bank.  The marketing would bring back old customers and bring along some newer customers too.  Not sure why he won't do it.