Prepare to be bored.  I always wonder how the garden compares to previous years.  So this is for next year.  I've taken a ton of notes and putting to permanence here.  Good list if you are curious about the drudgery and numbers of gardening.

April:  Temps above average, below average rain.

May: First half, above average temps and normal rain.  last half, below normal temps, above normal rain.

Current: Temps above normal, no rain yet this month.

Beans:  15 plants of three varieties.  Bugs love them.  DE powder and Neem helping, CE powder more. Plants 2-4' high.

Broccoli:  19 plants.  Cups seems to be preventing insect damage.  Plants are 5-12' high.  Healthiest plants up front in shade of house.  Weakest plants along N fence.

Brussies:  3 in main garden about 5" tall.  5 in N Flower garden about 6" tall.  NF garden plants much healthier.  No cups, surrounded by thorny rose twigs, transplants.

Cantaloupe:  2 plants, less than 6".  Transplants.  Look smaller than they should.

Carrots:  Larger interspersed with peas.  Little Finger carrots in vertical garden.   Plants 3-4" tall.

Cucumbers:  1 surviving transplant.  I new seedling emerged, 1 seed not yet emerged.  Plant is 3" cu.

Delicata squash:  2 plants approx 7" cu.  No sign of squash borer.

Eggplant:  1 transplant.  Bugs love it, DE and neem helping. Plant recovering, making new leaves to replaced eaten leaves. 3" tall

GDE Winter Squash - 3 Transplants about 1' cu.  No sign of squash borer.  Neem applied and copper antifungal.  Plants look very good. Has flower buds.

Kohlrabi:  4 plants from seed, about 4" tall.  Have cups, no insect damage.

Lettuce:  Loose leaf at peak.  Green leaf and Tangy looking good, needs another week or two.  Arugula past peak.  

Peas:  Both varieties looking fantastic.  12-18" tall, beginning to flower.

Potato: 12 on N Fence, 8 up.  6 on deck, all up.  Looking good.

Strawberries:  28 healthy plants.  Flowering with new berries.

Summer Squash:  4 plants about 1' cu.  Very healthy, with baby squash.  Used DE, Neem and copper anti-fungal.  No sign of squash borer.

Watermelon:  Two surviving transplants, smaller than should be at 5".  Seeds planted May 25ish not up.

Zucchini:  2 plants 12/18" cu.  Healthy, has buds.  Applied DE. Neem and copper fungicide as dying leaves per fungus.  Worked great.  No sign of squash borer.

PEPPERS - (16).  3 Purchased Farmers Market 8 " tall. 13 transplants 2-7" tall.

Anaheim:  1

Corbaci: 2

Figi: 1 small, stunted

Green Chinese: 1

Gourmet: 3

Melrose: 3

Monster: 2

Padron: 2

Yellow bell: 1

Habanada: 0

TOMATO (40)  5 Purchased Famers Market about 18" high.  35 Transplants from 2-10" high.  A few volunteers and new plants not counted this round.

BV: 1

Cherry: 1

Currant: 1

Carbon: 4

Dr Wyche's: 5

Gold Medal: 1

German Pink: 1

Hillbilly: 5

Hungarian Heart: 3

Jazz: 3, 1 dying

Orange Strawberry: 2

Royal Hillbilly: 4

Sunrise: 1

Tye Dye: 1

Yellow Pear: 1

Mystery: 6

  Mosquitos arrived today, many of them.  Last week was very rainy so there ya go.  One begonia from bulb emerged.  Lilac flowers almost dead. Initial bloom 2-3 weeks ago. Sawflies eating old leaves of rose bush, neem did not help. Roses bloom beginning June 1.  No flowers on 4-5 yr old apple tree.  Few cherries on 4-5 yr old cherry tree died.  Newest flower garden in front seems nutrient poor,  NOTE: add compost next spring.  All gladiolus up, 1-2' tall.  bunnies leaving alone.  Okra came up last week.  2-3 yr old Blueberries struggling but doing better once coffee grounds dumped there.  A ton of mystery plants.  Herb spiral herbs don't seem to be growing at rate I expect.  Added some Miracle Grow fertilizer this am to all the front gardens, we will see what happens!