Personal Data Porn - Weight Loss

I have, at different intervals in my lifetime so far, attempted and succeeded to lose weight.  My weakness and where I research for help is keeping weight off and breaking the one plateau I've had, not losing weight.  I love data, lists and tracking.  My most successful diets were also the diets where I meticulously and obsessively tracked multiple variables.  Tracking keeps my head in the game and just as importantly, gives me data to help my attempts to lose weight be more successful.  Some people loath the busy-work of tracking and won't ever crack open a notebook or a weight loss app.

Article: Science behind a Weight Loss Plateau

Search the web asking about a weight loss plateau, you get the typical responses.  You are cheating on your diet and/or not exercising enough.  What about those who track every bite and vary their activity and faithful exercise routines?  What if you have approached weight loss in a manner designed to be variable and plateau-proof?  Turns out, science has some answers.  Some of us love a knowledge trail to follow.  I may or may not have occasionally fallen down a wiki-hole a time or two or seventeen thousand.

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