Where do your nutrients come from? Garden Nutrition

The garden is an alphabet of macro and micro nutrients, from vitamin A to zinc.  One of my favorite things to do as a parent is to use family dinner hour as quiz time.  My children can tell you which vegetables are high in beta carotene or low in vitamin C.  For parents who home school or use their living environment as a learning environment, I have shared a link to a chart that gives a visual breakdown of the nutrients of a harvest basket's worth of garden goodies.  Click the link below to view the chart!

Herb Spiral Zone 4-5

My sister, months ago, sent me text with some pictures of an an herb spiral "we have to do this!!"  Knowing we were in the middle of landscaping and knowing that I am sucker for a unique idea, my sister also knew my response was a "hell yeah" before she even received my text back.  We receive compliments on it often, even though it is year one and the HS (herb spiral) is not yet where I want it to be.  

What I learned:  

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