I hope you took my advice and are taking advantage of this nice weather.  Heading out to a local state park is one of the less expensive options for a day of fun.  On this day, I was trying to find the spot where I had taken a similar photo previously.  I'm not sure I did, but still took some fantastic pictures.  Another picture I wanted to take was to replicate one of my favorite photos, a mirror image of some granite bluffs alongside a local river.  I was too early, I think, to get the perfect mirror image, but I will absolutely try again.  My favorite hiking trails are quiet and forested.  Boulders are a plus, as they add a striking detail to my photos.  It becoming clear that my clambering all over these steep rock days won't be for much longer.  It's still fun, but seems less steady.  Maybe being an adult makes me more aware of some of the stupid shit I like to do.  Social media has made me more aware of how some of my shenanigans could go viral.  Great sometimes, but not always.