Let’s play Distraction Bingo

-Solitaire or a card or board game with others. Words with Friends?

-Reach out and chat with someone, or send a text

-Mantra “cravings are temporary”


-Sketch or color

-Service to others. Gather food or clothing for donation. Reach out to someone lonely.

-Do a task on your hate-doing-this list.

-Make a list of dishes you always wanted to try. Create one.

-Sign up for a course, ex: Coursera, Udemy. What about the free Happiness course?

-Lose yourself in a wiki hole

-Watch a show sitting in your DVD list. It’s been waiting!

-Play catch or tug with a dog.

-Write down a favorite memory and send it to someone who would appreciate your sharing the moment.

-Clean your room

-When is the last time you cleaned your washer? Changed a furnace filter? Checked batteries? Cleaned your room, your car or your wastebaskets?

-Is your will up to date? Living or final?

-Read a book. Make a list of books you want to read.

I’ll just keep adding as I go.