okay okay okay, I swear on my kids this is true. With the ease of photoshop, not sure it will help by posting screenshots. Probably will, for my own record.

I belong to twelve NFL Fantasy leagues. Why 12? Because during that prime drafting week, when fighting off night cravings, I would just draft another league as a distraction. It helped, September was a fantastic month health-wise. In the NFL Fantasy app, I could only have six teams so I have two accounts with six teams under each.

This past week? I won ALL TWELVE of my fantasy football leagues. 100% win record. WINNING. The closest I’ve gotten before was two weeks prior when I won ten of twelve leagues. Week before that was my worst week, I only won five leagues.


I won half my leagues last year so some of the leagues this year are Winner’s Circle and the rest are the standard.

The List, Current Standings:

  1. fedaykin 2nd
  2. bengesserit 1st
  3. mentat 9th
  4. House Atreides 1st
  5. Sin Cave 3rd
  6. Cute Lil Pupper 5th
  7. Stafford’s Other Wife 5th
  8. fremen 2nd
  9. puppygiggles 2nd
  10. stupidautodraft 4th
  11. myvanhascandy 10th
  12. SashaClub 6th

Yeah I like Dune.

Sasha Club is based on one of my favorite SNL skits. I am in my husband’s phone as Sasha Club. https://youtu.be/TzWi33Z8Nvc

I like my dog. Yeah, he’s my avatar.

Sin Cave is another word for vagina. I was clearly the only and last open spot on a draft with a bunch of dude bros that know each other, per the comments in chat and the team names. I mean, how could I NOT go there. So I really want to win that league. One dude keeps changing his team name to anti-liberal shit. I am ahead of him right now. Playing him this week and I hope to beat his ass in playoffs too, if he gets there.

Yeah, petty is my favorite color.