Depends on the creator I guess Maybe I am a boobie noobie. Is this common?

I found a woman’s page on reddit, every interesting looking, who was very pretty and had some of the look The Sps likes. Curly dark hair, small waist curving into a very generous ass, cute little nips. Plus another feature that is his preference *cough*. I went ahead and subbed to her OF as a surprise for the hubby.

She showed a lot of herself on reddit (and I mean a lot) and she had a special on OF for 3$ monthly subscription, cancel any time. Subscription went to $9 a month after. I believe strongly that one should be compensated for their work, and that includes sex work. I figured for 10$ a month, you might get some slightly more explicit pictures than you saw on reddit, significantly more content tamer content overall, or access to chat/having conversations. Turns out reddit had the most explicit photographs…for free. I received emails, but nothing personal, simply a daily link to spend more money to see something slightly more explicit…I assume.

So I showed my husband the photos she had, only took a minute or so to scroll through them as there weren’t that many. He liked the photos, as I knew he would. Yet he wondered, as I did, what I paid for as he saw the more explicit reddit content for free. And much of the OF content was already on her page on reddit.

Then I cancelled the subscription.

I think a smarter strategy, and one that makes the client feel like their money had value, and keep them subscribing $$$, is to use reddit as a teaser and save the more explicit content for those who pay for it. Felt like a bait and switch. I wasn’t willing to pay more just to be suckered again by the extra video content. Probably her pointing at the screen wearing a gotcha bitch tank top. Not my niche.

As the revered Bell Biv DeVoe declared, never trust a big butt and a smile.