Gluttony. I’ll be seeing this one a lot.

Tools I used to fight today:

-Leaving something on the damn plate. Successful, I had 2 tacos, 14 potato ole’s and half a pop.

-Not going to my favorite restaurant. Done.

-Distraction. So far so good. I’ve done my writing, some cleaning and spent quality time with The Sps.


-whining about how good food is all the time.

-being the one who grocery shops in the house. I also menu plan. And clean the fridge. I want to be the one to handle these tasks but it’s not the best for eating better. I know where all the snacks are buried.

-Partner in crime. We are working on, with limited success, saying no to going out to eat, buying snacks ect but we both really like making a candy run to Walgreens.

-New car. Grabbing food always a great reason to take it out for a spin and hang out with The Sps and good music in the sweet new ride.

That’s enough obsessing today.

I wish you all well with whatever you are struggling with today.