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Artist Showcase – Bill Erickson

Bill Erickson Painting photo credit 8th Deadly Sin – Commissioned
Bill Erickson Painting. Personal Collection of C.E.
Bill Erickson Painting. Personal Collection of C.E.
Bill Erickson Painting. Personal Collection of C.E.

Bill Erickson works with multiple mediums, primarily acrylic and charcoal.

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Art South Dakota – Eastern & Sioux Falls

My favorite pictures of my children show them artfully arranged in front of our favorite sculptures in downtown Sioux Falls.    Each year, we take a visit to Sioux Falls and walk downtown, allowing each child to choose their favorite sculpture to be photographed with.  It is hard to pass up the opportunity to showcase both my children and the art along the sculpture walk; as a result, we have many treasured photographs hung in the family halls featuring both. Including some unique graduation photos of a treasured son posing with that year’s bounty of transient art.

Sculpture Walk is one of the highest rated Things-To-Do items recommended to tourists at TripAdvisor.com, for this area.  No surprise, really, as anyone who spends 20 minutes trying to catch a good parking spot downtown in the summer can attest to.  There are now sculpture parks in other cities in South Dakota.  The Porter sculpture park near Montrose is visible from the I-90.  Watertown, SD also hosts an Artwalk featuring many pieces of sculpture. The Brookings Art Festival in July is often a family destination of ours, as we have family in the area as well.

Downtown Sioux Falls is also home to a few art galleries beyond the recognized Washington Pavilion.  Downtown Sioux Falls is the location of many art focused events.   Downtown Sioux Falls www.dtsf.com often hosts art related activities in collaboration with local businesses.  The City Sketch Crawl is one of those events.  A glance at the website demonstrates both the talent of the artists and the success of the experience.

There are numerous online resources for our local artists and for those of us who wish to support their endeavors.  Both Arts South Dakota https://artssouthdakota.org/ and South Dakota Arts Council www.artscouncil.sd.gov/ provide a treasure trove of information about both new and established artists. There are numerous galleries that showcase art of the indigenous peoples of the area. The Dakotas are home to numerous tribes and their artistry is the crucial part of the Midwest culture. One resource is http://aktalakota.stjo.org/

University campuses around the state provide access to static and traveling expositions.  Social media, such as Facebook, and Instagram, serve as a valuable marketing resource, as do personal blogs that provide on outlet for local art promotion.

Art, for us, is a family activity.  Not only are many art events accessible to all ages, they are promoted as family friendly.  Take a moment to page through the latest edition of the community education catalog.  There are free and low cost classes for many different artistic interests.  I would love everyone embrace their inner artist.

Years back, our family attended an Art Maze.  The first of its kind, it showcased a large number of local artists working in multiple creative disciplines.  Installation, sculpture, photography, graffiti, painting and myriad other forms of expression were all represented.  The opportunity to turn a four-story building into a labyrinth of artistic expression was not to be missed.  The continued growth of Sioux Falls is likely to present other opportunities for local creative folks to share the efforts of their work.  We walked away with a greater appreciation for the talent of all the contributing artists.  A few of the artists whose ingenuity left a lasting impression on me personally:  Jana Anderson, Kevin Caraway, Carly Zebell and Cameron Stalheim.

The walls of my home showcase many works of art, most of them are works created by local artists. With so many artists in Siouxland looking for interested eyes, an afternoon of artistic appreciation is only a few miles away. 

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