Not the dish. Clams, cooked in white wine, breaded and served in the shell.

I am talking about the music producer. I particular, the song I’m God. I came across a reference to the song in a reddit thread, where I find most of the music I am into these days (King Princess, Alt J). It’s my zone music. Having legit, diagnosed and medicated OCD, in particular the torment of intrusive thoughts, music is the rare balm for my busy mind. The hamster stops her frenetic spinning on the wheel, and lays down.

Clams Casino’s I’m God track, found on streaming platforms on the Instrumental Relics album, seems to be a magnet for those who mourn. The song is associated with two possible suicides, which, if you are into more research, you can read more about here.

I simply found it mesmerizing, the song allows me to relax, mentally and bodily. I can sink into my desk chair and just relax, following the melodic hills and valleys. Sometimes I’ll start meow meow meow meow meow meowing to one of the melodies and smile. Listen to the song, you’ll know exactly what I am referencing. The song does have a melancholy feel, if you are inclined to feel that way when you are listening. I certainly get it, and would feel it if I weren’t so particular about protecting myself from life’s sadder influences at this point in my life. The track samples Imogen Heap’s Just for Now, another artist who creates the type of music that makes one sad and introspective. Her music is another addiction of mine.

My spouse mentioned it sounds like woo-woo spa music, so I give him massages while it plays. There is one video on youtube that has it on replay for an hour straight. The song helps clear my mind before bed, and is often the last song I listen to after an evening of music bingeing.

The End